Writing and Work Samples

This section will archive some of my past work, academic and professional, as writing samples. The articles I write up on the site tend to be a bit looser and more informal than I would write in a professional environment, so I thought it might be cool to host a few things that are a bit more thought out.

1. Coal Memo - Download. This was an assigned memo for an energy analysis and markets class. I specifically chose to represent coal because I considered it more a challenge in light of stricter air quality regulations, its declining economics, and the rise of natural gas. This memo specifically downplays coal's weaknesses, and cartoonishly overplays its strengths. I also manipulated data ranges to make them more attractive. Specifically, in the $/kWh graph I end the tracking in 1995 because that trend disappears in the following years.

2. UCG Assessment of Jasper County IL - Download. This was my final paper in a coal focused course. I wanted to combine some basic GIS analysis with a relatively unknown method for utilizing coal, specifically coal that is typically uneconomic to extract. I'm also an Illinois native, so I enjoy dealing with aspects of my homestate. I chose underground coal gasification (UCG), and singled out Jasper county as a promising candidate based on its deep, thick coal seams and its relatively minor agricultural production compared to some IL counties. Realistically, this analysis is only a rough pass at the topic, but UCG hasn't been pursued very heavily outside of the USSR and a few pilot programs in the US.


3. Sankey Diagrams.



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