Work Experience and Internships

In order to shed a little more specificity on my experiences in and outside of academia up to this point, beyond the "about the author" page.

Current Employment

  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory (2/2014-Current)
  • Position: Researcher for Renewable Energy Economics and Market Analysis (Post-Masters)
  • Description:¬† I work to support a variety of projects in the Water Power Technologies group that fall within the economics, policy, and optimization of hydropower facilities. This includes modeling and regression via Python, R, and Excel.; manual and automated data collection and sanitation; writing energy policy; submitting conference and journal papers.
  • Developing a deep understanding of hydropower-as-a-renewable accounting. This involved research into federal incentives, individual state RPSs, research into general REC verification groups (such as Green-e), and hydro-specific entities (such as LIHI).

Previous Employment

  • Indiana Geological Survey¬†(1/2013-12/2013)
  • Position: Graduate Research Intern
  • Project: ¬†Geothermal heat pump system design analysis, focusing on soil thermal conductivity and localized temperature change. Conducted research review, and distilled industry system design parameters into Matlab script to test real-time field data.
  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory: (5/2012-5/2013)
  • Position: Graduate Research Intern (on-site summer 2012, ongoing intermittent project afterwards)
  • Project: Define sustainability in urban settings and identify areas of strength at LLNL that could be applied to fix current urban problems or prepare for a more urbanized future. Also analyze flows of energy and resources through cities to create Sankey diagrams.
  • School of Public and Environmental Affairs Business and IT Services (SPEABITS, 08/2012-06/2013)
  • Position: Graduate Assistant
  • Description: Support faculty and staff with IT issues. Build and maintain labs and individual machines.
  • Sustainability Dashboard (10/2011-06/2012)
  • Position: Graduate Research Intern
  • Description: Conduct research on sustainability as it relates to commercial buildings. Generate "sustainability facts" from larger articles. General stress-testing of webpage, data management.
  • University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC, Fall 2009)
  • Position: Undergraduate research assistant
  • Description: Code surveys and handle minor research design; focus was on environmental social science research, specifically attitudes and responses of children to outdoor activities.
  • University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC, 8/2008-6/2011)
  • Position: Peer Computing Consultant
  • Description: Maintain computer labs, manage supplies and equipment inventories, assist users with software issues.





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