Medium posts and some general notes

I've been trying out Medium as a blogging platform a bit, and while I've only written two things over there I thought it would be a good idea to point anyone who ends up here in that direction.

How much Does Carbon Cost? is an exploration into what my local green power program ultimately prices a tonne of CO2 at. It was a fun exercise in following a thread backwards.

Generalized Python Graphing for EIA-860 is a short and (I hope) simple for getting up and running with some graphing capabilities in Python. I specifically look at EIA Form-860, and how you can start to pull data out and visualize it without ever opening Excel.

In my drafts folder I have a part 2 to the EIA-860 graphing post that gets a bit more energy specific, and something on a giant energy infrastructure project in Chicago that never happened and no one's ever heard of. I'm pretty excited about that one, I only stumbled across it when methodically cataloging decades-old FERC applications.

Finally, with all the recent talk around the Iranian deal, it might be time for me to re-read and update my piece on the cost of Iranian sanctions at the pump. That story has certainly changed considerably since the price of oil has collapsed.


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