Decadal Histograms of Monthly Yosemite Temperatures

Following up on the look at Yosemite's precipitation trends on Monday, here's a glance into the Park's temperature trends. I created 3 histograms each for four decades. The 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s. Together, these give a small glimpse into a changing temperature regime. As always, these are quick and dirty graphs. Today, they're produced via ggplot2 in R. All bins are set to a range of 3 degrees.

Throughout all of these histograms, it's important to watch the x axis along with the shape. It's pretty easy to miss a shift because the eye is drawn to the shape, but even a smaller peak on the right could indicate higher temperatures overall if the entire set has shifted in that direction.

First, a set of monthly minimum temperature histograms.

tmin_70s tmin_80s tmin_90s


Next, a set of monthly mean temperatures.

tmean_70s tmean_80s tmean_90stmean_00sAnd finally, a set of monthly max temperatures.

70s 80s 90s00s

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