2012 Public School Funding and Expenditures (Elementary-Secondary)

The US Census Bureau publishes a set of public school funding and expenditure data, breaking it down by source (federal, state, local), as well as type for spending (current spending and capital outlays). The numbers are broken down by state, so here are a few descriptive graphics on the published numbers.

First, the top ten revenue states, along with their expenditures. Dollars are in thousands, so that $80 million at the top of the y-axis is actually $80 billion.

top revenue states

Next, I found the ratio of Revenue/Expenditure for each state, and the United States as a whole. I also grabbed the % difference for each state's ratio from the USA as a whole, which is plotted on the secondary y-axis.

top ten highest ratio top ten lowest ratio

Finally, here's the highest and lowest per capita revenue, with a line showing their % difference from the national average. Dollars here are dollars, not thousands of dollars.

per capita revenue highest per capita revenue lowest

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